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Jeff Booke - CEO
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Repsol Sport Centre – Talisman Centre - Lindsay Park – while our name has changed, our facility, housed under our iconic tent, continues to excel in a hyper competitive market.  Our more than 250 dedicated staff all strive to push the boundaries on sport and recreation excellence; driving innovation in training and competition, and building upon our world-class reputation as the best place to train for excellence, compete with champions and play hard all under one roof.

Our ability and desire to be at the forefront of our industry starts and ends with living our mission: Passionate about Sport – and People.  We animate this with a focussed set of performance objectives: playing to our strengths, building strategic connections, and investing in the facility. These simple yet powerful tools extend and evolve the ways in which we communicate, service, celebrate and understand our stakeholder community and embrace our customers.

Our sport roots will continue to flourish, and had us beaming with pride, as we hosted 57 sporting events, highlighted by the 2019 International FINA Dive Competition, the Artistic Swimming events for the 2019 Canada Winter Games and our 6th Annual Centaur Subaru 10 Mile Tri. It was amazing to see teams and athletes from all over the world compete at the facility, and even more exciting to see many Canadians on the podium. 

We look forward to 2020 and beyond as we deliver more transformational strategies that strengthen our reputation, extend our marketing reach, and create more EXTRAordinary experiences with our community. 


Jeff Booke, CEO and Andrew Wallace, LPSS Board Chair

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