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Creating a safe environment is our number one priority. It is beyond compromise and we are responsible to ensure everyone is protected.

Safety is a core value at Repsol Sport Centre. We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for everyone that enters our tent. Paramount to our Safety strategy, the Centre has rolled out many different types of staff and facility programs and strategies to improve our safety culture, build teamwork and get employee buy-in.

The Centre also brings together our Senior Leadership Team, Manager Team, Sport Partners, and our Tenant Leadership Teams to incorporate safety guidelines in all our operations, and to discuss, identify and take action on the facilities safety recommendations.




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  • Re-caulking of competition pool

  • Resurfaced Gym floors and painted lines

  • Water fountain replacements throughout the facility– tracks number of bottles saved

  • Replaced every flush valve in the facility

  • Updated and moved all lines to the chlorine room

  • Added chlorine directional sock flag

  • Upgraded automation system

  • 2 brand new air conditioning condensers

  • Replaced one compressor on main building chiller

  • Upgraded PA system throughout facility to improve dead spots

  • Exterior fire hydrant repairs

  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

  • Standard First Aid and CPR certifications

  • Respect in the Workplace

  • Supervisory Safety Responsibilities

  • Facility wide staff Safety training and refreshers

  •  Joint Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Committee identifies and prevents potential threats, hazards, injuries and accidents

  • Human Resources complies with Occupational Health and Safety laws

  • OH&S Officer implements accident investigation

  • Operations & Facility Services executes incident investigations, building safety and mechanical audits, chemical hazard standards and proper lifting techniques  

  • Rewards & Recognition program provides staff members the ability to reward other staff members that demonstrate our safety values

  • Conducted Ergonomic Evaluations for offices and operational staff

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